W2 - Whisk(e)y / Moonshine / Bourbon Practical Workshop (Grain Based Spirits)
  • W2 - Whisk(e)y / Moonshine / Bourbon Practical Workshop (Grain Based Spirits)

W2 - Whisk(e)y / Moonshine / Bourbon Practical Workshop (Grain Based Spirits)


This one day Practical Workshop covers everything you need to know in order to work with Grain as a Raw Material for Distillation purposes. You will learn to make Whisky, Whiskey, Bourbon, Moonshine and Vodka, and Master the Principle of Starch Conversion.

Please note that the C1 - Introduction to Distilling Course, or any other Practical Workshop completed in the past, is a prerequisite for attendance.

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This one day Practical Workshop will enable you to utilise any Grain as a Raw Material for either your final Product (in the case of a Whisk(e)y, Moonshine or even Vodka Style Product) or for your base spirit (in the case of a classic or contemporary Gin).


PLEASE NOTE: The C1 - Introduction to Distilling Course, or any other Distillation Course done in the past, is a prerequisite for attendance to this course.


During the Course you will cover in-depth the following Master Principles, both in theory and practice:

  • Starch Conversion - Conversion of Unfermentable Carbohydrates into Fermentable Sugars
  • Sensory Analysis - Training and Using your sense of Taste and Smell
  • Spirit Blending - Mixing Spirits in a Scientific and Controlled fashion in order to create repeatable Recipes and Processes
  • Dilution - Dilution of Spirits down to Legal Minimum Strength, as well as working with High Brix Content Raw Materials (Molasses and Honey)


Course Contents


Whisk(e)y, Moonshine and Vodka Overview

  • Difference between Whisk(e)y, Moonshine and Vodka
  • A History of Whisk(e)y, Moonshine and Vodka
  • Regional Differences in Whisk(e)y - Scotland, Ireland, USA and South Africa
  • Whisk(e)y and Moonshine Methodology
  • Innovating with Whisk(e)y in South Africa 

PRACTICAL - Doing a Starch Conversion


Unique Aspects of Starch Fermentations

  • Grain Bill and Milling
  • Starch Extraction, Conversion and Steeping
  • Malting and Enzyme Sources
  • Sterilization
  • Sparging  

PRACTICAL - Making a Grain Fermentation


Whisky Distilling

  • Still Types Used for Whisky Production
  • Different Still Configurations in Commercial Distilleries
  • Using Multiple Stills in a Commercial Distillery
  • Stripping Runs vs Spirit Runs vs Rectifying Runs
  • Reflux Modes in Fractional Distillation

PRACTICAL - Distilling a Grain Based Fermentation


Spirit Enhancement in Whisk(e)y, Moonshine and Vodka

  • Techniques Relevant to Whisk(e)y, Moonshine and Vodka

PRACTICAL - Blending of Selected Fractions and Dilution

PRACTICAL - Obscuration and Wooding of Spirits with Sensory Analysis



Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course.  


Course Fees include:

  • Course Material 
  • All practical supplies of Raw Material, Consumables, use of Equipment, etc.
  • Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, soft-drinks, water)
  • Lunch Platters (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)



  • Starting time 7:30 for 08:00 until approximately 17:00 every day with lunch between 12:00 and 13:00, for five consecutive days.

As this course is presented during the normal work week - please be aware of traffic on the way to the Training Facility and allow accordingly in your travelling time.

View the training calendar for all training courses.



Distillique Offices in Centurion (View Map) and Cape Town (View map) at Koelenhof




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