W1 - Brandy / Mampoer / Eau de vie Practical Workshop (Fruit Based Spirits)
  • W1 - Brandy / Mampoer / Eau de vie Practical Workshop (Fruit Based Spirits)

W1 - ONLINE Fruit based Spirits (Brandy / Mampoer / Etc)


This Online course covers everything you need to know in order to work with Fruit as a Raw Material for Distillation purposes. You will learn to make Brandy, Witblits, Mampoer and Eau de Vie, and Master the Principle of Fractional Distillation.

Please note that the C1 - Introduction to Distilling Course, is a prerequisite for attendance.

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This online course will enable you to utilise and Fruit as a Raw Material for either your final Product (in the case of a Brandy or Eau de Vie Style Product) or for your base spirit (in the case of a contemporary Gin).


PLEASE NOTE: The C1 - Introduction to Distilling Course, or any other Distillation Course done in the past, is a prerequisite for attendance to this course.


During the Course you will cover in-depth the following Master Principles, both in theory and practice:

  • Fractional Distillation - Selecting Desired and Undesired Aroma's and Tastes during Distillation
  • Sensory Analysis - Training and Using your sense of Taste and Smell
  • Spirit Blending - Mixing Spirits in a Scientific and Controlled fashion in order to create repeatable Recipes and Processes
  • Dilution - Dilution of Spirits down to Legal Minimum Strength


Course Contents


Brandy and Mampoer (Eau de Vie) Overview

  • Difference between Brandy and Mampoer
  • Legislation regarding Brandy and Mampoer
  • Discussion on the future of Brandy and Mampoer in South Africa
  • History of Brandy and Mampoer 
  • Regional Differences of Fruit Based Spirits
  • The Cultural Distillers Guild
  • Brandy and Mampoer Methodology


Unique Aspects of Fruit Based Fermentations

  • Fruit Selection and Preparation
  • Open vs Closed Fermentations
  • Fermentation Management
  • Clarification Techniques

PRACTICAL - Making a Fruit Based Fermentation


Fractional Distillation Overview

  • Fractional or Precision Distillation

PRACTICAL - Distilling a Fruit Based Fermentation

PRACTICAL - Sensory Analysis of Heads and Tails


Spirit Enhancement in Brandy and Mampoer

  • Techniques Relevant to Brandy and Mampoer

PRACTICAL - Blending of Selected Fractions and Dilution

PRACTICAL - Obscuration and Wooding of Spirits with Sensory Analysis 


Course Fees include:

  • Course Material in printed format couriered to you.
  • Access to our video based online training platform for 160 days
  • Access to the discussion forums (with each lesson where applicable) to share information with other course attendees
  • Access to download the presentation slides for each lesson (where applicable)

Once we received your payment, you will received an email with an online training link to start your course.

You would require:

  • Good Internet connection
  • Preferably a laptop or desktop PC with sound to view the videos (Smartphone screen just too small)
  • Pen and paper to take your own notes
  • You can pause, rewind and replay a video to make sure you do not miss an important part.

Please Note:

Unfortunately none of the online courses can be canceled after a voucher number or link has been emailed to you.

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