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B5 - Business Opportunity Workshop

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A one day workshop where you will acquire a life long skill to identify, create and develop new business opportunities.

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A Workshop with a money back guarantee: Book now. Limited seats available.

Create your own business opportunities - and make them work for you.

Although this workshop focuses on the creation or development of new business opportunities, it is applicable to ANY type of opportunity you would like to create or develop.

If you would like to create a new business opportunity for yourself, or a new opportunity for your business, this is the workshop to attend.

A one day, life-long skill workshop, on:

- How to determine opportunity types and objectives
- How to identify true opportunities
- How to create and develop opportunities
- How to Develop opportunities
- Determining your own requirements
- Techniques and tools to be more creative
- How to select people to assist in developing elements of an opportunity without giving away your overall idea.
- How to prioritise opportunities
- Managing opportunity development
- Difference between creativity and innovation
- Entrenching the habit of identifying new opportunities - to become automatic subconscious behaviour.

Outcomes of the Workshop:

- Know the differences between ideas, problem solving solutions and opportunities
- Know how to formulate your opportunity objectives
- Know the key elements that make up a true business opportunity
- Understand how business opportunities are structured
- Know when and how to select contributors to create a new business opportunity
- A "starter pack" to get you started to make opportunity spotting a life-long habit
- A list of opportunities to get you started
- A new life-long skill


This methodology was originally developed under contract for corporate CEO's and business developers and applied for more than 15 years in numerous big, medium and small businesses to allow their personnel to identify opportunities with all kinds of different objectives. The methodology has now been simplified and made suitable for individuals to easily identify, create or develop opportunities for themselves - with a focus on business (I.e. "money making") opportunities.

Workshop Guarantee:

If you have not objectively benefited from the workshop,  we will refund your workshop fee in total - guaranteed.

Why attend?

Whether you would like to focus on new opportunities to generate new income streams or get solutions to solve problems, you should attend this workshop.

The structured method is very easy to follow and working examples will be developed in the field that workshop participants choose during the workshop.

Once you've attended the workshop, you will be able, not only to "see" opportunities regularly, but also be able to develop brand new opportunities you never thought possible before - and have a new life-long skill to benefit from.

Attending details:

Please bring your laptop and power supply with. During the workshop you will be provided with MS Excel worksheets to work on.

Course times: from 09h00 to 16h00 (or later if necessary) with a light lunch and refreshments during the workshop.

Course venue: Three Olives Guest House Conference room.  at 27 Winston Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion.

Receipt of you payment will confirm your booking.