Y1 - Yeast and fermentation foundation
  • Y1 - Yeast and fermentation foundation

Y1 - ONLINE - Yeast and Fermentation Foundation Course


NOW AS AN ONLINE VIDEO BASED COURSE - Previously a 1-day classroom based course.

Obtain a complete Theoretical Overview of Yeast, Fermentation, and all the factors that affect Yeast and the Fermentation Process, during a (typical) one day Theoretical Class.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no prerequisites for this course, and the information shared in this course is not just relevant to Wine, Beer and Spirits Production, but those individuals busy in other areas and fields - Kombucha, Khefir and all other types of Fermentation - will also find value in this course.

NOTE: You have 3 months access to complete the course - after that extensions are available on a month to month basis.

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This course is now online and available form our Internet learning platform.

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This course will allow you to understand and be familiar with the basics of distilling, know the terminology that it used, learn about different types of stills and much more.


Course Contents


The History of Yeast

  • Early Use
  • Research
  • Yeast Biology and Biochemistry Discoveries
  • Timeline


Yeast Biology

  • Yeast Classification
  • Yeast Cell Anatomy
  • Yeast Genetics
  • Reproduction
  • Yeast Metabolism
  • Enzymes



  • Yeast Growth Phases
  • Fermentation Biochemistry
  • Raw Materials Used for Fermentation
  • Fermenters
  • Fermentation Safety
  • Factors Influencing Fermentation
  • Malolactic Fermentation
  • Monitoring Fermentation


Aromas and Flavours

  • Congeners / Secondary Metabolites
  • Congener Promoters


Yeast Strains

  • Choosing the Right Strain
  • General Recommendations
  • Wild Yeast


Yeast Handling

  • Avoid Contamination
  • Rehydration
  • Yeast Harvesting
  • Yeast Storage
  • Documenting and Labelling


Troubleshooting Stuck Fermentations

  • Confirmation
  • Factors to Consider and how to Resolve them



  • Stuck Fermentation Cause and Effect Summary
  • Identifying Contaminant
  • Yeast Strain Characteristics
  • Yeast Glossary


Course Fees include:

Printed course manual couriered to you

Downloadable presentation slides

Access to the learning platform with access to the full set of training videos


You would require:

Good Internet connection

Preferably a laptop or desktop PC with sound to view the videos (Smartphone screen just too small)

Pen and paper to take your own notes

You can pause, rewind and replay a video to make sure you do not miss an important part.


Please Note:

Unfortunately none of the online courses can be canceled after a voucher number or link has been emailed to you.


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