Distillique’s Corona virus and COVID-19 Policy

Distillique is putting the following measures in place to assist in preventing the spread of the Corona virus and COVID-19 while still serving our customers to the best of our ability:

Social distancing:

• We will try not to come closer than 2m to our customers while assisting them.

• We will greet our customers friendly but refrain from shaking hands.

• People attending our training classes will be limited. All class attendees will be issued with hand and surface sanitizer for the duration of courses.

• We will not allow courier services to enter our premises and they will collect from outside our premises.

• Air travel and service provider visits are limited to essential travelling only.


• Each staff member has been issued with hand and surface sanitizer in spray bottles.

• We have installed an air sanitizer in our reception area that kills bacteria, yeast and viruses.

• We sanitize our hands at least once per hour and more often when required.

• Telephone and computer keyboards are sanitized at least every 2 hours.

• Our premises are ozone treated every night (to oxidize bacteria and viruses overnight) to ensure fresh sanitized air daily.

• We wash our hands at least 4 times a day in our shop with soap and water.

• Our working surfaces are sprayed with sanitizer to keep them bacteria and virus free.

• We provide hand sanitizer to our customers when entering our shop.

• We removed our cloth hand towels in the bathrooms. Please use the provided paper towels.

• Suitable face masks will be worn when required.


• Suspected employees are required to voluntary self-isolate and work from home.

• If staff members test positive for the Corona virus, they will be required to self-isolate to prevent spreading the Corona Virus.