2250L steam heated still
  • 2250L steam heated still

2250L steam heated still


A monster of a craft still. Our biggest to date. Distill at least 500 (750ml @ 43%) or more (i.e. 700)  bottles per batch!

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- Stainless steel (grade 304) construction 

- Mirror polished inside and out

- Agitator: Electric motor 230V, 50Hz, 3.75kW), gearbox (60 r.p.m.) adjustable mechanical seal, agitator shaft and 2 x blade sets.

- Large manhole (500mm) hinged.

- Thermometer (0-150C)

- Steam heating jacket with 2-inch steam inlet and outlet

- Boiler and steam jacket: 5mm thick stainless steel.

- Isolation around steam jacket/boiler

- 4-inch drain pipe and butterfly valve with 2-inch reducer included

- 2 x additional ports

- CIP (clean-in-place) spray ball in  boiler

- Height adjustable legs

- Boiler diamEter : 2m

- Boiler height: 1.9m

- All clamps and seals: S/Steel and heat/alcohol resistant silicon

Distilling column:

- Construction: 304 Stainless steel

- Modular 2 x 4-plate column sections

- Copper plates, bubble caps and downcomers

- CIP piping and valves per plate

- Drain piping and valves per plate

- Glass insoection ports per plate

- Top plate thermometer

- Reflux condenser and thermometer

Spirit condenser:

- Spirit condenser on own s/steel pilar

- Coolant outflow thermometer

- Distilling parrot, alcohol meter and drain valve

Dimensions overall:

- Foot print: Width: 4200mm x depth 2200mm

- Height: 4200mm

Installation requirements:

- Delivery: customer to provide forklift, operator and labour to off-load from truck

- Customer's own electrician, plumber and steam technician to supply electricity (30A, 220V, 50Hz for agitator motor), coolant piping (1-inch in and out) and steam supply up to the still. 

- Steam supply: to deliver between 35kW (4 hours to bring 2000L mash to the boil)  and 70kW (2 hours to bring 2000L mash to the boil) of energy at not more than 0.3 bar higher than ambient pressure.

Production capability:

- Assuming a 10% abv mash and only 500 bottles (750ml @ 43%) per batch : 132 000 bottles per year (on single shift) or 164 000 bottles per year in double shifts.

Investment consideration:

- Assuming R25.00 nett profit per bottle: Return on investment in about 48 batches. ( i.e. payback in approximately 2 months running single shifts per day, 5 shifts per week)

Batch/Duty cycle:

- Capable of running up to 3 x 8 hour shifts per day. 

Optional extras:

- LED lighting per plate and inside boiler

- Ginning basket (separate tower) with feedback to boiler

- Control box (own stand) for agitator and lighting control.

- CIP pump