Still: 8 plate column still with boiler
  • Still: 8 plate column still with boiler

Still: 100L x 8 plate column still


The ultimate small still... for those who can afford the best.

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100mm diameter column still with 8 plates and bubble trays - The ultimate for those that can afford it

  • 100L Stainless steel boiler with butterfly valve
  • 4kW heating element included
  • 5kW electronic heat controller included
  • Electronic column thermometer included
  • Big dial thermometer for boiler included
  • Large manhole in boiler for easy filling and cleaning
  • 8 copper bubble plates with copper bubble caps
  • Stainless steel column structure
  • Coolant control system for reflux adjustment
  • Distilling parrot with drain valve included
  • Surge arrester included
  • Big capacity spirit condenser
  • Proven design with literally 100's running very successfully across the world
  • Coolant pipe (blue for feeding water and red for return water) included
  • Two flow control valves for coolant to spirit condenser and reflux condenser included
  • Completely modular, expandable, configurable and adjustable
  • Stainless steel and glass ports
  • Production Capacity: between 20 and 30 bottles (750ml) per batch run

Terms and Conditions:

  • If out of stock a waiting period between 3 and 6 weeks might be applicable
  • 60% payment on order, 40% before delivery
  • Delivery to be quoted extra
  • Actual product may vary slightly from photographs