Yeast: Lalvin Rhone 4600 (3kg)
  • Yeast: Lalvin Rhone 4600 (3kg)

Yeast: Lalvin Rhone 4600 (3kg)


Lalvin Rhone 4600 yeast for fruit wine fermentations - with enhanced fruitiness, pineapple and apricot aromas.

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Great for adding pleasant and aromatic fruitiness, pineapple and apricot aromas to fruit wines fermented from fruit juice/must.


  • Low sugar (<15 Brix) fermentations: 0.3g per liter
  • Higher sugar (15 to 30 Brix) fermentations: 0.5g/liter
  • (When making small fermentations (i.e. < 25L) double up on the above dosages

Rehydration required:

  • Rehydration in must is not advisable.
  • Rehydrate in 5 times its weight of water at 35-40°c. Let stand for at least 20 minutes then gently stir occasionally to break up any clumps. Add to the must.
  • The total rehydration duration should never exceed 40 minutes
  • Avoid cold shocking the yeast. The temperature drop between the must to be inoculated and the rehydrated yeast should be less than 10 degree C.
  • It is essential to rehydrate the yeast in a clean container.

Fermentation Characteristics:

  • Alcohol tolerance: up to 15% abv
  • Fermentation rate: Moderate
  • Lag phase: very short
  • Low Nitrogen requirement
  • Low production of acetaldehyde
  • Low production of volatile acidity
  • SO2 production: moderate
  • Low foam formation
  • Fermentation temeratures: 13-22C

This item has a 2 week waiting period from date purchased.