Distillers yeast (3kg)
  • Distillers yeast (3kg)

Distillers yeast (3kg)


A good yeast to produce high alcohol fermentations up to 19%.

Waiting time applicable - please enquire

Enough for up to 6000L fruit fermentations

Distiller's yeasts are specially selected to produce high alcohol fermentations (up to 17 to 19%) with low levels of congeners and lrelatively low nitrogen requirements. Ideal for distillers aiming at higher alcohol levels.

  • Temperature range: 15-30 Degree C (optimum 21 - 27)
  • Relative fermentation speed: Fast starter
  • Relative nitrogen needs: Low
  • Relative H2S production: Low
  • Inoculation quantities:
    • fermentations less than 5L :   1g yeast per liter mash
    • fermentation between 5 and 30 litres: 0.75g yeast per litre mash
    • fermentation between 30 and 200 Litres: 0.5g yeast per litre mash.

This item has a 2 week waiting period from date purchased.