Invert sugar (1000ml)


Invert Sugar can be used for Sweetening, Mouth Feel Enhancement and Obscuration.



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Invert Sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose and is obtained by splitting sucrose into these two components.

Compared with sucrose, inverted sugar is sweeter and its products tend to remain moist/liquid, and are less prone to crystallization.

Invert sugar has a lower water activity than that of sucrose, so it provides more powerful preserving qualities (a longer shelf life) to products that use it.

The shelf life of Invert Sugars is approximately six months, depending on storage and climatic conditions.

Crystallized invert sugar solutions may be restored to their liquid state by gently heating.

Recommended dosages:

Mouth Feel – 1 to 5g per liter of product

Obscuration – 5 to 15g per liter of product

Old Tom Gin – 15 to 35g per liter of product

Aperitif and Liqueur – 75g or more per liter of product

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