Bottle sealing wax 500g (Silver)
  • Bottle sealing wax 500g (Silver)

Bottle sealing wax 500g (Dark Brown)


Bottle sealing wax is perfect for sealing bottles of wine,spirits or even perfume. The possibilities are endless. Create that unique look for you bottled spirit. 

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Wax offers a moisture resistant seal, unique look as well as a secure seal which is strong and flexible.

You will get 40-80 bottles per 500g of wax all depending on how deep you dip it or amount of layers applied.

Heat the wax in a double boiler to 80 degree C while stirring. (hotter and it will form a thinner layer, colder and it will form a thicker layer)

Dip the bottle neck into the melted wax for about a second. Dip the sealed neck in room temperature water to cool down.


-Dark Brown in colour

-Keep on low heat until melted.

-Weight: 500g