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Boiler: 200L Milk Can type Gas heated
  • Boiler: 200L Milk Can type Gas heated

Boiler: 230L Milk Can type Gas heated


200L Stainless steel boiler to fit a 6inch plate column - gas heated

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This 200L milk can type gas heated/electroically heated boiler is super robust and made to fit a 6-inch column.

200L Stainless Steel Boiler Milk Can Type Gas Heated

Robust industrial 200 Liter stainless steel boiler with electric heating (2 x 4kW elements sold separately) as well as air/gas ring with ventilation for gas heating.

Mirror polished inside and outside

Suitable for 6" plate column 

  • Gas burner not included 
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200L gas heated boiler shown with 6 inch 4-plate column fitted: