Boiler: 190L Jacket heating


190L Stainless steel  boiler to fit a 6inch plate column - jacket heating

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190L Stainless Steel Boiler jacket heating

Robust industrial 190 Liter stainless steel boiler with jacket heating 

This 190L jacket heated boiler fits a 6-inch column.


  • Mirror polished inside and outside
  • Suitable for 6" plate column 
  • Bottom drain valve
  • Manhole
  • Electric agitator included.
  • Level indicator on side
  • 3 x heating element ports - for 3 x 4.5kW electric heaters or to be used with steam generator (to heat jacket) and steam wand.
  • 3 x 4kW element included + Element adapter (Can be upgraded to 4.5kw SP immersion element at an additional cost)
  • Jacket may be filled with water (then use included steam wand) (for electric heating) or jacket may be filled with oil for elevated temperatures in jacket. (up to 130C)(then steam wand is not applicable)
  • Filling port/Thermometer port
  • Adjustable height legs

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