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All articles related to Spirit Enhancement - learn about everything else you can do to the Spirits after you have Distilled it. Here we cover Infusion Techniques, Barrel Aging, Bottling, Filtration, Coloring, Molecular Mixology Techniques, and much much more.

What is Spirit Enhancement?

Spirit Enhancement covers a wide range of techniques, additives, processes and applications that can be used on Distilled Spirits to Enhance and/or change its characteristics. These can either be done to improve the product within a specific Spirit Category, or alternatively, place the product in a different Spirit Category.

Is Spirit Enhancement Legal?

For a Commercial Distiller or Craft Distiller, the type of enhancement techniques they are allowed to utilize on their product is limited - mostly in terms of additives allowed. These limitation apply not only to the individual Spirit Category, but also differs from Country to Country. A technique like Barrel Aging for instance is legal in South Africa for Spirit Liqueurs, Premium Husk Spirit (Aged Grappa), Rum and Gin, and legally required (for at least 3 years) for Whisky and Brandy, but is not allowed for Vodka, Cane, Mampoer, Unspecified Spirits, Husk Spirit, Grape Spirit, etc.

Distillers therefore need to familiarize themselves with the applicable Legislation before they pursue a certain path of product development, or launch a certain type of product.

For Home Distillers or Hobby Distillers however, there is only one rule - don't poison anyone.

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