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The Section for articles that cannot be easily categorized - here we talk about building your own Stills, Automation, Research and Reference Materials, Books, etc. Distillique prides itself in being a source of verified and accurate information for Home and Craft Distillers. There is a lot of information out there that is either completely incorrect, or misunderstood, or just plain made-up. Here we try to sort through some of this information that does not fit into our other article categories. 

Can I build my own Still?

Still construction is a skill that we are rapidly losing in South Africa, and in the interest of both our Cultural Heritage and Skill Retention, Distillique encourages the Safe and Legal construction of stills, even providing training in the construction of Adjustable Reflux Column Stills

In the same breath however, it must be understood that there are VERY clear and specific rules and legislation regarding the Manufacture, Import, Sale and Maintenance of Stills in South Africa. It is illegal to pursue any of the activities if you are not registered with SARS as a Still Manufacturer. 

Distillique is in the position to assist clients that want to build there own stills legally, through our still serialization service, where we ensure the safety of stills, and allow you to legally register the still with SARS in order to use it.

Where can I find information on Distilling?

With the advent of YouTube, Facebook and the broader Internet Community, information exchange has become relatively easy. The challenge now is sifting through all this information, verifying it, and seeing what we can actually believe and use, and what not. Most information regarding distillation on the Internet, and in many books, is either incomplete, out-dated, misunderstood, or blatantly false - not because the author or publisher wants to intentionally mislead, but more so because the basis of their assumptions or interpretations is false, their source material is incorrect, or they are not considering all the variables in making certain claims. 

Any reference material we publish on this blog will either be verified, or we will place a disclaimer on the information shared, in cases where we agree with the assertions, but have not yet fully verified it.

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