Making Invert Sugar at Home

Making Invert Sugar at Home

Published : 14-01-2020 - Categories : Recipes , Spirit Enhancement

Distillers use Invert Sugar to make proper liqueurs, Old Tom Gins, for Obscuration and for Mouth Feel Enhancement.

Simple Invert Sugar Recipe

To make 1 kilogram of Invert Sugar, you need:

Extra Fine Granulated Sugar (think Castor Sugar) 1 kg
Water 480 ml
Citric Acid 1 g

Invert Sugar Methodology

If you have an induction cook top or an electric stove use these options instead of gas.

In a non reactive saucepan or pot, stir to a boil the sugar, water and citric acid.

Once the mixture boils, wash away any sugar crystals stuck to the side of the pan with pastry brush dipped in water.

Any additional water added to the pan from this process, has no effect on the final outcome.

On medium heat without stirring boil the mixture to 114°C.

Once the mixture has reached supersaturation, stirring encourages the sugar particles to clump together again causing crystallization so you will end up with an opaque gritty substance.

Remove from heat and cover the pot or pan.

Let cool at room temperature.


Store in a refrigerator.

Invert sugar will last at least 6 moths.

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