Articles Relating to Spirit Legislation by Distillique

Articles in this section covers the Legislation applicable to Home and Commercial Distillers - included here is Commentary, Procedures, Advice and Warnings, as well as updates on proposed changes to South African Liquor Laws.

Is Home Distilling Legal in South Africa?

Until Distillique came along, and actually started educating South Africans about LEGAL Home Distilling, the common perception was that we CANNOT Legally Distill at home. Distillique was the first company to start informing people that YES, you can Legally Distill at Home, and this is how you do it. The founding principle of Distillique was Hobby and Home Distilling, and from there we ventured into the arena of Commercial or Craft Distilling.

Can I start a Commercial Craft Distillery?

Starting a Commercial Craft Distillery in South Africa is possible, it is viable, it is profitable, and it is feasible. But one thing it is NOT, is easy. There are many different laws, governmental departments, organizations, and people involved, and the processes differ a LOT from Province to Province, and even sometimes from Municipality to Municipality. 

Our aim with articles in this section is to help new entrants into the Commercial Craft Distilling Industry to navigate these challenges, and be able to start up quickly and efficiently, with the least possible number of mistakes or wasted time, effort and money.

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