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Everything you have ever wanted to know about Legal Home Distillation - Legislation, Registration Process, Still Types, Record Keeping, Product Development, Techniques not allowed Commercially but which can be applied at Home, Recipes and much more.

Is Home Distilling Legal in South Africa?

Hobby or Home Distilling has been part of the South African culture - across all racial and cultural groups - since the 1600's when the first Distillation was done in Cape Town. Mampoer, Witblits and its cultural equivalents reached near mythical status during the 1900's, mostly due to Government interference and regulations. Much like the Moonshine Culture in the USA, the Mampoer Distillers themselves were also larger than life characters - rule breakers, challenging the status quo and defying the law.

Until Distillique came along, and actually started educating South Africans about LEGAL Home Distilling. Informing people that YES, you can Legally Distill at Home, and this is how you do it. The founding principle of Distillique was Hobby and Home Distilling, and from there we ventured into the arena of Commercial or Craft Distilling.

Articles in this section will explain how you Legally Distill at Home.

Can I sell Home Distilled Products?

This is the one question we often get, and we need to address it immediately - there is NO Legal way to sell a Spirit Product you produced without a Micro Liquor Manufacturing License, and some form of sales License, i.e. a National Distribution License, Provincial Distribution License, On Premises Consumption License, Off Premises Consumption License or a Tasting Room License (depending on Province). None of these licenses can be granted to a Residential Property (and even if you live on a farm, they will not grant a license to a distillery located in the actual Residential Building), therefore there is NO Legal way to sell Home Distilled Products.

This also applies to products produced by purchasing alcohol. Whether you purchase alcohol from a production facility, or over-the-counter vodka, and you turn that into some other alcoholic product (i.e. a Liqueur, Gin Lollies, Vodka Jelly, etc.), you are not legally allowed to sell that product again if you do not have a license - both to Manufacture and to Distribute or Retail.

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