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All articles related to Fermentation - from the standard basics to Raw Material specific issues and Troubleshooting of Failed Fermentations. Learn about the steps to create a Successful Fermentation, Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, pH, Aeration, Fermentation Vessels, Fermentation Monitoring and much more.

Why is Fermentation Information important for Distillers?

Fermentation is the starting point for any Home or Craft Distiller. It is where your ethanol gets created, where your flavors get created, where your aroma's get created. The argument can be made, that if you are not Fermenting or at least working from a Fermentation, you have no right to call yourself a Distiller. 

Why is Fermentation the Basis of Distillation?

In its simplest form, Distillation is the separation of ethanol and other compounds from a fermentation, therefore, if you are not working from fermentation, then you are not distilling. With the rise in Gin Production (producing Gin from purchased Neutral Spirits) a lot has been said about this definition, and an argument has been made that during Infused Distillation (steeping and macerating botanicals and then separating them through distillation) does qualify as Distillation. Granted - it passes the litmus test - but the traditional definition is still what is expected from consumers and respected by Distillers.

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