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All articles related to Extractions - from understanding the concepts of Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Concentrates, etc. to understanding their uses and applications. Learn about the different Extraction Techniques, from Essential Oil Distillation, Soxhlet Extraction, Butane Extraction, etc. etc.

Why are there different techniques used for Essential Oils?

Essential Oils, and their characteristics, are as varied as the plants that provide them. As such, some of these compounds react differently to the same set up circumstances. One example of this thermo sensitivity - where certain compounds might break down or denature with the application of heat energy, rendering them useless. We therefore have to experiment with different Extraction Techniques in order to see which method works best.

Is Essential Oil Extraction Legal?

The Extraction of Essential Oils and other compounds in some way, shape or form is as old as human existence. It is basically Homeopathy - healing by nature. Over the centuries the uses has obviously expanded into perfumes, cosmetics and other fields as well, but at its very core it is a natural and traditional process that people wittingly or unwittingly make use of every day. It is non regulated and completely legal. However ... the materials used - the actual botanicals - may be regulated. 

Cannabis Oil for instance, is a hot topic around the world and in South Africa specifically. With recent changes in regulations and legislation, a lot is currently up in the air, and people can easily and unintentionally break the law. We will be looking at this topic in-depth through our articles.

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