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All articles related to Distillation - from the basics of Distillation Theory, to Still Types and Still Design, Still Construction, Still Operations, and the more advanced principles of Fractional Distillation and Vacuum Distillation.

What are the different Still Types?

We look at all the different types of stills - from Pot Still, Alembic Stills and Adjustable Reflux Column Stills, to Fractionating Reflux Column Stills or Plate Column Stills, Continuous Stills, Multi Column Stills and Hybrid Stills.

What type of still is commonly used for which type of product, and why?

What are the different Distillation Techniques?

We look at Stripping Runs, Spirit Runs, Rectifying Runs and Ginning Runs. Techniques used either to improve our production capacity, retain flavor, remove flavor or add flavor. We also explore the Holy Grail of Craft Spirits - Mouth Feel and Lingering Aftertaste - and how we can achieve this through Distillation, specifically Fractional Distillation, instead of having to resort to "cheats" like the addition of Glycerin, Sugar or other artificial Mouthfeel Enhancers.

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