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The Section for the discussion of Craft Spirits - Answering questions like "What is Craft?", and looking at the activities of the Southern African Craft Distilling Institute (SACDI) and RealCraft, the Craft Certification Organization.

What is SACDI?

The Southern African Craft Distilling Institute (SACDI) is a private, independent, organisation, with the express goal to develop and support the Craft Spirit Industry in South Africa. It was founded in 2009, and hosted the first every Craft Spirits Conference in 2016, where the 127 attendees discussed and approved the SACDI definitions of Craft. Since then it has been engaging behind the scenes with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) in order to influence legislation in South Africa for the benefit of the Craft Spirits Industry, with some major successes.

What does SACDI do?

SACDI members can rely on SACDI to:

  • Promote Craft Distilled Products in general, your distillery, your products and creating general public awareness of the uniqueness of Craft Spirits
  • Support the Craft Distilling industry by acting on challenges SACDI members face.
  • Represent SACDI members and lobby for favorable Craft Distilling Legislation
  • Support your distillery with day-to-day issues - in an objective and unbiased manner

Together we can achieve so much more than we can individually.

What is SACDI's Goals?

In the words off the Secretary Pro Tem of SACDI - Hendre' Barnard:

When I started my tenure at Distillique 6 years ago, it was a job. A position I was suited to, an opportunity to do something different. However, I soon realized that this was not a job, but an adventure, and that on a daily basis I was in the company of Heroes.

Very often these heroes sit in my lectures and training sessions. Normal, everyday individuals, willing to risk it all to follow their dreams. To create something out of nothing. These special people are willing to give up everything, make huge sacrifices, and fight overwhelming odds in order to achieve something. To build a brand. To leave a legacy. To bring something new and wonderful into the world. In these terms, if someone asks me what SACDI is about, I’ll tell them we perform “Hero Support”. We are the sidekicks of these modern day Spirited Superhero’s.

The idea of SACDI is not to control or regulate – there is enough of that happening already. SACDI is there to assist our current and future Craft Spirit Producers to achieve their goals. To educate the consumers in the true value of a Craft Spirit. To promote honesty and integrity in the industry. We aim to do this, not in search of fame or fortune, but because of a true passion and love for this incredible industry, and the people that work in it.

To us, the word “Craft” is not just a hype word, or a marketing descriptive. To us, “Craft” is a statement of action, of emotion. It is what we do, it is what we devote our lives to, and as such it is worthy of protection. The potential for Craft Distilling in South Africa is truly unlimited, and only by working together can we truly achieve our goals. The old way of thinking of others as your competition is over – through cooperation we will always be more successful.

What is RealCraft?

The RealCraft Certification Authority is one of SACDI's first major projects. It took us 3 years to get everything in place, and we will be rolling it out quite soon.

If you are on this site, then you know about Craft Spirits. 

The word implies that this is a noble trade and encompasses values of authenticity, passion and integrity. 

However, because these qualities are implied and not guaranteed, it is easy to be duped by fake and misleading brands. Brands finding short cuts to ride the “Craft Spirit” wave and who are deliberately misleading consumers in order to make a sale and make money.  

Brands like these are bringing the name of the Craft Spirit Industry and all its Crafters and Distributors in disrepute.

Craft relies upon a passion that is translated into a technique or skill in making products by hand. 

Craft Spirit Production is about Passion, Quality, Choice, Individuality and Authenticity. 

So, if we break down “real” Craft Spirits, it must have the following qualities:

  1. Authenticity (to the product)
  2. Integrity (to the method)
  3. Non-repudiation (to your consumer)

What is non-repudiation you ask? Non-repudiation is the guarantee that somebody cannot deny the validity of something. 

Creating Craft Spirits is about making sure you create a quality alcoholic product (ideally containing alcohol produced by yourself, if you are a Distiller) while being as unique, different and as experimental as you are legally allowed to be by law. 

A product that has your specific signature, that tells your story. 

The creators of Craft Spirits are hands-on, passionate people – starting as novices and becoming specialists, who transcend the gaps between passion, art and science to create unique spirits for individuals who are passionate about authentic products. 

They are not just in it for the money – they actually want to contribute something to society. Their creations.

The goal of the RealCraft Certification Authority is to provide the consumer with the piece of mind that the product they are purchasing, is REALLY Craft.

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