Books on Distillation and Fermentation

Books on Distillation and Fermentation

Published : 14-01-2020 - Categories : Miscellaneous

It happens quite often (at least two or three times per week) that clients, visitors and followers ask us to recommend a useful book to read regarding distillation.

Personally, I find most books to be quite lacking, either focusing more on cocktails, brand stories and tasting notes, and less on the actual arts of distilling and fermentation or repeating too many marketing stories and “old school” or traditional methodology, and not enough facts and science.

However, if you really want a list of books to acquire, or suggestions, the following was compiled by Ron Schmidt.


PLEASE NOTE: This post should not be interpreted as a Distillique endorsement of any of the listed books, or its content.

Books and the information contained therein is applied at the users own risk and discretion.

List of Distillation and Fermentation Related Books

Book Author
Alcohol Producing Still Vincent R. Gingery
An Analysis of Brewing Techniques George J. & Laurie A. Fix
Bourbon Empire Reid Miten Buler
Bourbon Justice Brian F. Haara, Fred Minnick
Bourbon Whiskey Bernie Lubbers
Bourbon: The Evolution of Kentucky Whiskey Sam K. Cecil
Chemistry in Your Kitchen Matthew Hartings
Craft of Whiskey Distilling American Distilling Institute
Crafting Distilled Spirits Bettina Male & Helfe Schmickl
Distilling Fruit Brandy Josef Pischl
Distilling Principles and Processes Sydney Young & Ernest Briggs
Elements of Organic Chemistry Temple University
Fermented Beverage Production A.G.H. Lea & J.R. Piggot
Fermented Vegetables Kirsten & Christopher Shockey
Fiery Ferments Kirsten & Christopher Shockey
Guide to Making Rum Daemyn Bloom
Guide to Urban Moonshining Colin Spoelman & David Haskell
Hacking Whiskey Aaron Goldfarb
Home Distilling Rick Morris
How to make Moonshine from Home  Michelle Bakeman
How to Master Moonshine  R.W. Marshall
How to Start a Micro Distillery  Thomas Germann
Making Pure Corn Whiskey #1  Ian Smiley
Making Pure Corn Whiskey #2  Ian Smiley
Michigans Holy Spirits  Rick Sigaby
Moonshine Matthew B. Rowley
Moonshine 101  Walt McCrae
Moonshine Distillers Training Manual  Christopher G. Yorke
Moonshine Mash  Daemyn Bloom
More than Moonshine Sidney Saylor Fare
Principles of Brewing Science  George Fix
Proof: The Science of Booze  Adam Rogers
Start your own Microbrewery, Distillery or Cidery  Corie Brown
The Complete Distillery  Nixon & McCaw
The Complete Guide to Making Mead  Steve Piatz
The Complete Meadmaker  Ken Schramm
The Distiller Harrison Hall
The Distiller’s Guide to Rum  Ian Smiley
The Drunken Botanist  Amy Stewart
The Gin Dictionary  David T. Smith
The Home Distiller’s Guide to Spirits  Steve Coomers
The Home Distiller’s Workbook  Jeff King
The Home Distilling & Infusing Handbook  Matt Teacher
The Manual for the Home & Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel  S.W Mathewson
The Practical Distiller  John Wyeth
The Secrets of Building an Alcohol Producing Still  Vincent R. Gingery
The Whisky Dictionary  Iain Hector Ross
Truths About Whisky  John Jameson & Son
Whiskey & Spirits for Dummies  Perry Luntz
Whiskey Business  Tom Acitelli
Whiskey Distillers Training Manual  Christopher G. Yorke
Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye  Clay Risen



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