Specialized Consumables


On the basis of Volume, more Consumables are used during Fermentation than in any other step in the Alcohol Production Process. Specialized Consumables refer to those Consumables (other than Gin Botanicals) used in Distillation and Spirit Enhancement.


What Consumables are used during Distillation?


These Consumables are more limited to those which will make the still run better, or applications done to Intermediate Steps like Low Wines to reduce Sulfur (as an example). This category will include products like Anti-Foaming Agent, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc.


What Consumables are used during Spirit Enhancement?


Spirit Enhancement - Here we have Consumables that either add to or change the Characteristics of the Spirit we have distilled. This can include Wood, Barrels, Foam Stabilizer, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Activated Carbon, etc.


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