On-Site Training & Consultations

On-site Distilling Training

Over the past decade, Distillique has worked to become one of the largest Distillation training service providers in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of the biggest (if not the biggest) in the world in terms of courses provided and number of people trained.

Having trained more than 9,000 individuals from over 40 countries around the world we're well placed to offer the best training courses and advice available. We currently have over 20 training courses for you to choose from, as well as offering on-site training & consultations. So, whether you're looking to learn the basics or you're looking to expand your distilling knowledge we've probably got a course for you.

Do I Need Previous Distilling Knowledge?

All of our distilling training courses include theory and practical, so you'll learn the material before being able to actually give it a try yourself. Our courses range from basic one-day workshops to inclusive five-day distilling workshops.

As our courses are geared towards beginners that are looking to get into home distilling or hobby distilling, as well as commercial craft distillers who may have previous knowledge. This means you don't need any prior knowledge or experience in distillation and fermentation - We'll handle everything and ensure you’re learning and training at your level with a range of courses!

On-site Consultations - Troubleshooting your Distillery Problems

With our extensive knowledge of over 39 years, we’ve sold, repaired and worked with thousands of different distillery set-ups - no problem is too big for our fully-trained team. Ensuring your distillery is set-up correctly and safely is important, let us assist you with troubleshooting, product development or any other problems you may have.

Our team will be on hand to offer their knowledge and training to help get your distillery back up and running, answer questions and generally ensure you’re set-up and ready to use your home distillery.

We understand that not every consultation is going to be the same, so ensure you contact us to discuss your own personal consulting requirements.

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