Complete Distillery Installation Service - Local & Abroad

With more than 40 years of distilling experience, more than 1400 stills sold and over 9000 people trained from 40 different countries, Distillique is the perfect solutions to all your problems.

Importing distillery equipment is a huge risk, due to the unforeseen incidents that can arise. This can lead to bigger and more costly problems than you had ever anticipated in order to get your distillery up and running safely and legally.

As the most knowledgeable and experienced home & craft distiller supplier in South Africa, we offer a complete distillery installation service, both local and abroad. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified to work with/on all of our equipment, meaning you're not voiding your warranty or worse, breaking the law. Under the SA Revenue Service' Customs & Excise Rules of 1995, only a licensed individual or company may build, import, sell or repair stills, therefore making it illegal for yourself or an unlicensed individual to provide these services.

Our installation process includes the positioning, assembling and testing of all of your equipment. It should be noted that transport and delivery of equipment, as well as off-loading equipment, is not provided as part of our installation service.

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