Temperature Measuring Equipment


In a Distillery, everything happens at a Temperature. We Distill at a Temperature, we Ferment at a Temperature, we do Conversions at a Temperature, we Rehydrate at a Temperature. Accurate Temperature Measurements are therefore non negotiable.


Why are these Temperatures so important in a Distillery?


  1. Temperatures during Starch Conversion is important to ensure Enzymes do not denature (too high) and finish their work in a certain period of time (too low).
  2. Temperatures during Fermentation is important as it regulates the speed of the fermentation (the warmer, the faster), it might kill the yeast (too hot), it might cause the fermentation to stall (too cold), and it impacts the amount and types of flavors that get created (more congeners at high temperatures than low).
  3. Temperatures during Yeast Rehydration is important as it may kill the yeast (too high) and lead to improper rehydration (too low).
  4. Temperatures during Measurements is important to ensure accuracy, as Hydrometers and other instruments are normally calibrated at 20 degrees Celsius, therefore, when using them, you need to measure the liquid temperature as well (SG Hydrometer - below 20, artificially high sugar, above 20, artificially low sugar - Alcohol Hydrometer - below 20, artificially low alcohol, above 20, artificially high alcohol)
  5. Temperatures during Distillation is important - NOT because we distill at a Temperature - but by controlling variables, the same compounds will always come out of the still at the same Temperature (variables include location, still type, fermentation recipe, etc.)


These are not all of the Temperatures important in the Distillery, but it is the most important ones.


You can therefore see that it is important to have a variety of different Thermometers which may be used in different ways and in different locations within our Distillery.


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