Spare Parts


Whether you require Spare Parts for your Distilling  Equipment, your Distillery, or maybe you are working on your own Design or Project - Distillique has the part you need.


Why would I need Spare Parts for Distilling Equipment?


  • Although Distillique provides Warranties on our Distilling Equipment, there are terms and conditions to these Warranties, and some parts (Glass, Elements, etc.) are exempt from Warranty, or have different Warranties.


  • Elements for instance will eventually burn out and fail - even quicker if not handled correctly and properly maintained, of if there are Power Surges as a result from Faulty Lines or Loadshedding.


  • Other components like Seals can get worn out, and may require replacement,


  • And then there is always the possibility that you would like to modify your Distilling Equipment (or other equipment) to suite your needs.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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