Automation and Control


Automation and Control Equipment assists the Commercial or Craft Distiller to achieve various important Goals during Production as well as add additional benefits.


Why would I use Automation and Control Systems in a Distillery?


  1. Automation and Control systems allows for consistency in Product and the Production process.
  2. Automation and Control systems allows you to Control the variables which impact on the Product Quality.
  3. Automation and Control systems allows you to achieve Production Volumes and Targets with less Staff.
  4. Automation and Control systems allows you to incorporate Warning Systems which avoids errors and danger.
  5. Automation and Control systems takes away the Human Factor as a negative variable.
  6. Automation and Control systems allows Integration with other Hardware and Software to share information in real-time for Offsite Monitoring or Data Management.
  7. Automation and Control systems are COOL, and if presented properly will excite certain Customers and Consumers, especially during Tours and Tastings.
  8. And probably most important of all, Automation and Control systems allows you to focus on developing and producing great Products, and not spend time worrying about the nitty gritty.


What can I Automate and Control in a Distillery?


With modern technology there is very little which we can NOT Automate and Control, but the following is the standard systems Distillique already produces, stocks and supplies.


  • Mash Tun Control Panels
  • Heated Infusion Tank Control Panels
  • Fermentation Temperature Control Units
  • Still Control Panels


Other projects currently underway is Still Automation, Fermentation Tank Control Panels (including Automated Fermentation Monitoring), Automated Bottling Lines, and much more.


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