LOCKDOWN from 17h00 26 March 2020 until 08h00 17 April 2020:

Distillique will be closed from 17h00 on 26 of March and re-open on 08h00 on the 17th of April during the National Corona virus lockdown in South Africa as required by Government.   

Our website will still be open for orders that will be delivered after the 17th of April. Orders will be shipped on a first order first shipped priority.

For the supply and delivery of essential production equipment or supplies, we would require your permit and a letter stating that you request the equipment and delivery during the lockdown. We will then supply and take appropriate action during the lockdown. Please call Gert at 083 263 7832 for arrangements.

Although we could stay open (as essential equipment supplier for hand sanitizer manufacturing) and ship via courier, we selected not to trade to safeguard our staff and our customers. It seems that the Corona virus may remain active on hard surfaces for up to 12 hours and courier services come into contact with many parcels from many people with the associated risk.

We will communicate through email, whatsapp (083 263 7832), our website front page and our facebook page - as appropriate.

We wish you a safe and healthy period for the next few months.

This too shall pass. 

Nkosi Sikilel' iAfrica!





Training availability:

All scheduled training classes will be postponed until an appropriate date or earlier via an online training system.

We are working on that right now!  We will keep all scheduled training attendees up to date via email.





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Make your own Sanitizer from distilled ethanol.

Distil a simple sugar wash to about 90%abv in an adjustable reflux column still to get your ethanol

To Make 1 Litre Hand sanitizer
Ingredients Volumes to blend

Ethanol (90% pure v/v)

Glycerol (98% pure) 15ml
Hydrogen Peroxide (35% pure) 4ml
Water 100% 148ml

Final %'s after blending:

Ethanol 80%, Glycerol 1.45%, Hydrogen Peroxide 0.13%, Water 21.58%

The simplest application would be to spray a solution (of only ethanol and water) into the air at regular intervals (to kill airborne bacteria and viruses) 

Start distilling!

Distillique's Corona Virus and COVID-19 Policy