MTR01 (400L) Yeast mix for Molasses

A special yeast and nutrient mix specifically for molasses (Treacle no 3) fermentation

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MTR01 (400L) Yeast mix for Molasses 50 -50%
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This yeast and nutrient mix has been specifically formulated (based on Treacle 3 molasses components) to ferment at relatively high temperatures and produce favorable congeners for rum production.


  • Add 200L hot (i.e. between 65 and 80 degree C) water into clean fermenting tank.
  • Add 150 L (Huletts Treacle 3) molasses to the hot water
  • Pump (circulate) the solution for about 5 minutes in the fermenting tank to allow molasses to dissolve well
  • Top up fermenting tank to 400L with cold, aerated water (a sink tap aerator work well)
  • Pump (circulate) solution (about 20 minutes) while allowing solution to “splash/aerate/spray” as much as possible in the fermenting tank.
  • Measure Brix value of the molasses solution. (°Brix should read about 31, although actual sugar content should be 28.9 °Brix)
  • Ensure that the molasses solution has cooled to between 30 and 35 °C
  • Add 400 g MTR01 yeast and nutrient mix to fermenting tank and stir well into solution.
  • Record Batch number, date, time, molasses and water usage, yeast usage, nutrient usage, temperature and pH of solution.
  • Close off fermenting tank while ensuring airlock is functioning. 

Managing fermentation:

  • Monitor and record temperature and ph daily.
  • Ideally keep temperature between 30 and 35 °C (use 200W aquarium heater with thermostat if temperature drops below 25C)
  • Do not allow pH to fall below 3.5 (unlikely that it will drop below 4.5 but keep an eye on it)
  • Monitor Brix levels daily (preferably with glass hydrometer).
  • Allow fermentation (few days – depending on temperature) until Brix values do not drop anymore between two consecutive days. (i.e. at about 7 Brix - Molasses fermentations frequently end with remaining Brix solids). Fermentation can be assumed to be stuck if the sugar levels remain consistent over a few days while still above i.e. 17 Brix.

 Pumping to Still:

  • Pump from fermentation tank (at draw-off point) to still. Discard or re-use bottom sediment for next fermentation.
  • Clean, rinse and sanitise fermentation tank.