Yeast: Lalvin ICV - D80

Lalvin ICV-D80 for fruit wine fermentations- with enhanced grain tannin and liquorice notes.

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R 165.00

On the palate it creates high fore-mouth volume, big mid-palate mouthfeel, an intense, fine-grain tannin sensation and a long lasting licuorice finish.

Fermentation Characteristics: 

  •     Fermentation temperature: 20 – 28 C
  •          Fast fermentation, with proper temperature control
  •          Cold tolerance: 18 C
  •          Sugar tolerance: 22 Brix
  •          Alcohol tolerance: 16% at 25 C
  •          Foam production: Low
  •          Volatile acid production: Low
  •          SO2 production: low
  •          Nitrogen requirement: Low

Rehydration required:

  •          Rehydrate the yeast in 10 times its weight in diluted must (around 7 Brix) at 35 C
  •          Let stand for 20 minutes
  •          Gently stir to break up any clumps
  •          Cool the rehydrated yeast to within 10 C of the must

 Must may be added in small volumes to cool

  •          Add the mix to the fermentation
  •          The rehydration period should never exceed 45 minutes
  •          Rehydration must be carried out in a sanitised container