Enzyme: Dextrolique PLUS 250ml

Dextrolique Plus is a cocktail of enzymes to convert starch to dextrins.

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New formulation - double the strength than previous!

Convert your grain for whisky to fermentable sugars without using malt.

Dextrolique PLUS: A cocktail of enzymes to convert starch (from grains) to dextrins (and Sugralique Plus then converts dextrins to fermentable sugars).

Dosages on Dextrolique PLUS of as little as 300ppm (parts Dextrolique per million parts of starch by weight) is used. Little enzymes go a long way! Just add the Dextrolique Plus to your maize (or potato) mash at a rate of 0.25-0.3ml per kg of maize (300ml per ton maize) and mash in at a temperature between 80 and 85
degrees,and hold it there for 60 minutes. If you use 1ml per kg waiting time can be reduced to 30minutes. Almost all the starches will be converted to dextrins - As easy as that!

210ml Destrolique can convert up to 1000kg maize.

Avoid skin and eye contact. Do not inhale. With skin contact, wash under cold running water for 20 minutes.

Store in fridge with lid closed.