100L multi-column premium copper still

One of our most beautiful small stills - 12 plate copper column 

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R 355,900.00

This awesome still features:

  • Copper pot with large alembic hood (Think pot distilled products)
  • 4 plate copper column (for less aromatic products than pot distilled - think whiskey, dark rum, Brandy)
  • 8 plate copper column (for light bodied subtle spirits)
  • Use the alembic, 4 plate and 8 plate together to get a 12 plate still (for vodka or neutral spirits)
  • Large botanical chamber (for ginning)
  • 3 x collection tanks for heads, hearts and tails
  • Includes a CIP system (Clean in place)
  • Agitator to distill even the thickest mash (think grappa!)
  • Large glass manhole with light in pot to view the magic!
  • Control box included

Only available for truly spirited persons.

From order to delivery: approximately 4 months. 70% Deposit with order, 30% before delivery.

Installation and assembly: require 2 x days.

Discounts available when we have multiple orders that saves on freight costs.