Fruit firmness meter (fruit schlerometer)

A fruit hardness/firmness meter. Also called a fruit schlerometer or fruit penetrometer.

More details

R 3,080.00

This fruit firmness meter is used to measure the firmness of a variety of fruit. The firmness of peaches, apples, apricots and a large variety of soft fruits as well as certain vegetables is measured by this device.

It is easy to use. Cut a small part if the fruit away and press the firmness meter against the open fruit flesh. A user manual is provided with the meter and it comes in a durable plastic box.

Description With pin 1 With pin 2

Load limit

0.5 - 12 kg/cm^2 0.5 - 24 kg/cm^2

Load resolution

0.1 kg/cm^2


+- 2.5%



Pressure pin diameter

11mm 8mm

Pressure depth