15L Round still

A magnificent looking 15L round s/steel still with copper alembic.

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R 11,250.00

Definately a great conversation starter ... and party enhancer!

Limited quantities will be made available 

Awesome looking small still for those enjoying distilling with great friends!

  • 15L main S/Steel boiling pot with flat steel bottom (Suitable to place on induction element)
  • Magnificent 99.9% red copper alembic vapour chamber
  • S/Steel condenser
  • Modular configuration to have add-ons to your still to enhance distilling performance.
  • Heat on gas flame, stove top or with an induction plate (see images on indiction plate hereunder)

Future add-ons that we're working on:

Single modular bubble plate

to provide "Double Distilling"  


Adjustable modular relux

condenser to provide

multiple distillations in one go