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Juniper berries dried 100g

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Dried Juniper berries for making gin ... and great venison dishes!

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The above picture shows only 20g. This product contains 100g berries vacuum packed in thick plastic bags.

Dried Juniper berries for making gin ... and great venison dishes!

Have a look at this article for other spices to add to your gin (and the options you have to make it).

Attend one of our vodka and Gin workshops to learn how to make a variety of distilled and infised gins.

Be careful when adding juniper berries. It is highly aromatic and too many will spoil your gin. A little goes a long way.

For bigger quantities: View the listing at this link.

A bit about Juniper berries:

Juniper berries are actually the female seed cones produced by the conifer species Juniperus communis. These cones have thick fleshy scales that give the cone an almost berry like appearance.

The "berries: varies in size from about 4 to 10mm in diameter. Young berries are greeen while matured berries turn dark purple, almost black.

The outer scales of the berry is almsot flaourless while the inside of the berry contains the characteristic Juniper flavour. This flavour resembles pine-flavour with a fresh-green and citrus notes.

The berries should be finely crushed before using for ginning or even for infusions (like in "bath tub gin").

Apart from using the juniper berries in gin, it is widely used in venison dishes and is a know diuretic, used as a remedy for arthritis and rheumatism, an apetite suppressant and is currently researched as a treatment for diet-controlled diabetes. Quite a remarkable little "fruit".

A juniper berry takes between 2 and 3 years to germinate and the schrub/tree grows very slow. It is not uncommon for a 1m high juniper plant to be in excess of 20 years old! They are known to become more than 150 years old.

Juniper berries are extremely difficult to get in South Africa as we don't have any natural occuring juniperus communis suitable for commercial harvesting. Strict import regulations on plant material makes the import thereof quite a paper exercise!




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Juniper berries dried 100g

Juniper berries dried 100g

Dried Juniper berries for making gin ... and great venison dishes!

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