Soxhlet Extraction kit

A Soxhlet extraction kit with all the parts required to do the most amazing very complete extractions of essential oils, fragrances, flavours and aromas. 

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R 4,950.00

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The main purpose of soxhlet extraction is to extract even "the last few molecules" of aromatic and essential oil compound from botanicals and to extract compounds that is normally very difficult to extract. - It even extracts the magical aroma compounds from Myrhh and Francincense resin (think "tree gum") 

The Soxhlet extraction kit as used in our "E1-Extractions and essential oils course"

Included in the kit:

1. Steel stand and base

2. Butane gas burner

3. Flame spreader 

4. 500ml bowl flask

5. Soxhlet extractor

6. 2 x Filtering thimbles (re-useable)

7. Bubble condensor

8. Boss head 

9. Clamps

10. 3m tubing (to connect to water)

NOT included in the kit: (due to courier restrictions) 

Butane gas cannister. (easily obtainable from all places selling camping/outdoor equipment)