Butane Extractor kit 380ml

Butane extractor to extract pure essential oils from botanicals without distillation.

In countries where it is legal, this extraction method is most popular for extracting very pure cannabis oil. 

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R 2,950.00

This butane extractor is very robust, easy to use and uses off-the-shelf butane cannisters as solvent to extract essential oils from plant materials.

After extraction, the butane evaporates and leaves only the pure essential oil.

Included with the extractor comes:

1. Insulation to cover the main body of the butane extractor.

2. 2 x filter papers (replacements easy to get from your local grocery store

3. Printed User manual - to guide you step-by-step on how to extract your essential oils - much easier, quicker and more pure than with distillation.

PLEASE NOTE: As far as we know, Cannabis is not yet legal in South Africa and as a result, it is also illegal to extract Cannabis oil at home or for own use.  Although the butane extractor can be used for extracting very pure cannabis oil, please observe the laws in your country. 

Not icluded in the kit: (because of shipment through courier restrictions)

Butane cannister. These are available from most places selling lighters, camping equipment and general grocery stores.