e-BOOK: Guide to get your permit to legally distill at home.

An e-book to tell you how to get your permit to legally distill at home.

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R 165.00

CAVEAT: The policy regarding the issuing of still permits is a National (not Provincial) Department's responsibility and this e-guide is based on the National application procedures (as it should be).

However, this guide might not be 100% applicable in your specific location or application at a specific office.

It seems that the responsible officials in different cities/towns make up their own procedures as and when they want, to suit their own requirements. Unfortunately these also then vary over time and it is simply impossible to keep track of individual offices requirements.

Don't fight with them. They are very important people! Humour them in order to assist you in getting your permit. 

If the official is totally ignorant, please provide them with a copy of this e-guide to assist them in issuing you your permit.

The guide includes the procedures to follow, the forms to complete, how to complete them and who to contact.

We will mail the e-book to you as soon as we've received your payment...or provide a download link.