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C10 - Master Workshop - Comprehensive Distilling (5 days)

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Our “Ferrari” Course – Comprehensive Distilling Theory combined with 4 distinct practical workshops over a 5 day period and now also including 3 color manuals.

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R 7,900.00

  • CENTURION: 8 - 12 APRIL 2019
  • CENTURION: 3 - 7 JUNE 2019
  • CENTURION: 19 - 23 AUGUST 2019
  • CENTURION: 21 - 25 OCTOBER 2019
  • CENTURION: 2 - 6 DECEMBER 2019

While still a lot of fun – this is a course for the serious distillers. We combine the content of more than 5 distinct courses and workshops into one 5 day course and now also provide you with 3 color manuals totalling 626 pages.

At the end of the course (Friday) you may select (free of charge) to write a 2 hour exam to earn your "Comprehensive Distilling Course" certificate (Required score: 70% minimum).
The certificate will be couriered to you after being marked and verified. 

Through the Workshops you will also cover the following master principles:

• Fractionating - Cutting out bad aromas
• Grain Conversion - Converting starch into alcohol
• Aroma Stripping - Creating Neutral Spirits
• Steam Distilling - Extracting flavours from Herbs and Spices (using steam)
• Emulsifiers - Preventing separation

Course contents:

   o Main alcoholic beverage groups
   o Distilled spirits groups
   o History of Distilling
   o Alcoholic beverages, feedstock and method examples
   o Types of stills
   o Legalities – South Africa
   o Safety during distilling
   o Responsible drinking and health benefits
   o Distillate products
   o The role of copper during distilling
   o Three main procedures during the creation of spirits
   o The conversion from starch to sugar
   o Conversion
   o Bio-chemistry background
   o Overview of the fermentation process
   o Sugars (fermentable and non-fermentable)
   o White and Brown sugar differences
   o Enzyme influences
   o Congeners
   o Raw materials for fermentation
   o Fruits and sugar content
   o Measuring sugar content in a mash
   o Fermenting vessels
   o Enzyme use
   o Yeasts
   o Amounts of Yeast to use
   o Fermentation phases
   o Easy fermentations
   o Intermediate fermentations
   o Difficult fermentations
   o The anatomy of grains
   o Overview
   o The conversion process – from grain based starch to sugar
   o Grain fermentation peculiarities
   o Distilling overview
   o Introduction to distilling physics
   o Difference between heat and temperature
   o Boiling temperatures
   o Phase diagram overview
   o Internal reflux
   o Reflux control
   o Different stills and reflux ratios
   o Boiling rate and effects
   o Taking cuts
   o Still choking and foaming control
   o Boiling temperature during batch distilling
   o Distilling as an art
   o Distilling records
   o Disposing of distillation wastes
   o Washing and maintaining your still
   o The distilling process in summary
   o Distilling step-by-step on a reflux still
   o Distilling with a partial fractioning column still
   o Other distilling methods
   o Stillage
   o Legal considerations
   o Liquor examples
   o Filtering
   o Wood maturation
   o Infusions
   o Dilution
   o Sweetening
   o Blending and mixing
   o Using flavourings and commercial essences
   o Other additives
   o Brandy, Witblits, Mampoer and eau-de-vie overview
   o Brandy facts and history in South Africa
   o The Cultural Distillers Guild
   o Traditional and more modern distilling
   o Fermentation
   o Sugar and alcohol calculations
   o The basic distillation process
   o Alternative distilling processes
   o Enhancement after distillation
   o Whisky/Whiskey/Bourbon/Moonshine overview
   o Grain bills
   o Grain conversion
   o Grain fermentation
   o The basic whisky distillation process
   o Aging
   o The vodka process and options
   o Potato Conversion
   o Potato Fermentation
   o The basic distillation process
   o Vodka distillation
   o The gin process and options
   o Ginning botanicals
   o Base spirits
   o Ginning methods and suitable still types
   o Flavouring runs
   o The Method (not well known at all) to produce GREAT gins or jenevers
• LIQUEURS & INFUSIONS (Theory only)
• Beyond home distilling (General Discussion)
   o Business Opportunities
   o Going Commercial
   o What is a craft / artisanal / boutique distillery?


Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course.    

Course fee includes:

Course material (3 color manuals totalling pages)
• Use of copper still during distillations
• Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
• Lunch Platters (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)


• Starting time 7:30 for 08:00 until approximately 17:00 with lunch at 12h00, for five consecutive days

View the training calendar for the Master Workshops.


• Distillique Offices in Centurion (View Map)

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C10 - Master Workshop - Comprehensive Distilling (5 days)

C10 - Master Workshop - Comprehensive Distilling (5 days)

Our “Ferrari” Course – Comprehensive Distilling Theory combined with 4 distinct practical workshops over a 5 day period and now also including 3 color manuals.

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