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W11 - Aromas and Blending Practical Workshop

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Learn to analyse aroma bouquets accurately and create your own in one simple course!

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R 2,200.00 tax incl.

Multiple fun sessions learning how to analyse an aroma bouquet ... and then make it!

Due to the nature of this course, and the limitations of the human olfactory system to handle repeated exposure to scents and accurately identify them, this course is presented over 6 weeks in short 2 hours sessions.

The Aroma Profiling section of the course stands on its own, and is useful for Wine, Whiskey, Brandy and other connoisseurs, and not just the home or craft distiller.

Master Principle:

• Profiling – Identify individual aromas in a bouquet of aromas

Workshop contents:

• Introduction to Aromas
• The Sense of Smell
• Concentration and the effect on Smell Perfection
• Aroma, Wines and Spirits
• Aroma Vocabulary
   o Building your Personal Aroma Vocabulary
• Aroma Classification
   o Whiskey Aromas
   o Wine Aromas
   o Gin Aromas
   o Brandy Aromas
• Training your Nose - Aroma Identification (Practical)
   o Alcohol (Ethanol)
   o Balsamic (Vanilla)
   o Balsamic (New-Mown Hay)
   o Buttery (Warm Melted Butter)
   o Carmellic (Caramel)
   o Citrus (Orange)
   o Decay (Stale Cabbage)
   o Ethereal (Narcotic – Fruity)
   o Earthy (Earthy – Piney)
   o Floral (Rose Water)
   o Floral (Carnation)
   o Fruity
   o Green (Freshly Cut Grass)
   o Malty (Malted Barley)
   o Medicinal (Antiseptic)
   o Nutty (Roasted Hazelnut)
   o Peaty (Spicy Peat / Turf Smoke)
   o Phenolic (Mild Phenolic)
   o Smoky (Mild Wood smoke)
   o Solventy (Volatile Fruity Type)
   o Sherry (Full-Bodied Fruity Sherry)
   o Spicy (Clove Spice)
   o Spirituous (Stale Alcohol)
   o Woody (Rich Cask Woody / Freshly Cut Logs)
• The Nosing Process
• The Tasting Process
• Gin Aromas
   o The Uniqueness of Gin Aromas
   o Gin specific Aroma Molecules
   o 100 Gin Aroma Terms
   o The Design of a Gin Aroma Profile
   o The 24 Fundamental Gin Aroma Notes
• Wine Aromas
   o Wines and their Aromas
   o Wine specific Aroma Molecules
   o Aroma and Grape Type
   o The 24 Fundamental Wine Aroma Notes
   o Confusers
   o Classic Wine Culture
   o Modern Wine Culture
   o Aroma Creation in Winemaking
• Introduction to Blending
• Creating the Blend
   o Art or Science
   o Sensory Components
   o Assessing Spirit Components
   o Blending Process
• Marrying, Finishing and Bottling

Receipt of your payment will confrm your seat reservation for the course. Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course. 

Course Fee Includes:

• Course material (laminated summary in flow diagram format)
• Mini Nosing Kit
• Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
• Lunch Platters (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)


• Starts at 18h00 until approximately 20h00

View the training calendar for the Aromas and Blending workshops.


• Distillique Offices in Centurion (View Map) and Cape Town

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W11 - Aromas and Blending Practical Workshop

W11 - Aromas and Blending Practical Workshop

Learn to analyse aroma bouquets accurately and create your own in one simple course!

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