W22 - Vacuum distilling

Learn how to distil with a vacuum still and disover it's hidden abilities ... in a one day practical workshop.

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  • Centurion 29 Mar 2018
  • Centurion 26 Apr 2018
  • Centurion 29 Jun 2018
  • Centurion 7 Sept 2018
  • Centurion 26 Oct 2018

R 2,800.00

A fun day learning how to distil with a multi-column still to get the most from the multi-columns.

Master Principle:

• Preserving delicate temperature sensitive aromatics.

Workshop contents:

• Introduction
  o Welcoming and Introduction of Participants
  o Workshop programme and structure
  o Scope of this workshop
  o Distilling safety - and especially for vacuum stills
• The anatomy of a vacuum still an dthe purpose of each component
• Temperature control (only possible in vacuum distillations)

  o Boiler temperatures and pressures
  o Vapour temperatures and pressures
  o Coolant temperatures and pressures

• Input variables and their impacts
  o Coolant water flow - main/reflux condenser (dephlegmator)
  o Coolant water flow - spirit condenser
  o Cold-trap cooling importance and heat input control

• Practical distillation on a vacuum still
  o Participation
  o Filling a still
  o Setting up a vacuum still and coolant flows
  o Starting heat and vacuum to bring to boil
  o Adjustment when boiling starts
  o Equalising/stabilizing your column
  o The heads
  o Volume calculations for receivers
  o Opening vacuum stills and shutting down procedures

• Conclusions, Q&A and discussions

Receipt of your payment will confrm your seat reservation for the course. Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course. 

Course Fee Includes:

• Nosing/Tasting of different products at different vacuum/temperature levels
• Use of vacuum still during distillation
• Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
• Light Lunch (Please inform us of any dietary requirements)


• Starts at 09h00 until approximately 16h00 with lunch at 12h00.

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