Y1 - Yeast and fermentation foundation

Get the foundation for understanding yeast fermentations and yeast selection ... and then select and handle your yeast for superior fermentations.

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  • Centurion 14 Apr 2018
  • Centurion 10 Feb 2018
  • Centurion 9 Jun 2018
  • Centurion 25 Aug 2018
  • Centurion 13 Oct 2018

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There is a very good reason why there are hundreds of different yeast strains commercially available (and an unknown quantity of wild yeast strains!) 

Broaden your knowledge with Distillique's Yeast training courses.

This course lays the foundation to allow you to understand yeast and its behaviour during the fermentation process - crucial to distil superior spirits.

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Master Principle:

• Foundation understanding of yeast and fermentation. 

Course contents:

  • Introduction
  • Safety precautions.
  • Short history of yeast
  • Yeast Biology
    • Yeast classification
    • Yeast cell anatomy
    • Yeast metabolism
    • Enzymes
  • Fermentation
    • Growth phases
    • Fermentation biochemistry
    • Yeast needs
      • Environmental requirements
      • Nutritional requirements
    • Fermentors
      • Types
      • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Aromas and flavours
    • Congeners
      • Congener types
      • Factors affecting congener formation
    • Temperature
  • Yeast strains
    • Choosing the right strain
      • Strain properties to consider
    • General recommendations
      • Specific strains for specific products
    • Wild yeast
    • Introduction
  • Yeast handling
    • Best practice
      • Hygiene
    • Rehydration
      • Practical
    • Yeast cropping
    • Contamination
      • Signs and symptoms
  • Troubleshooting stuck fermentations
    • Causes and effects
    • Solutions

Receipt of your payment will confrm your seat reservation for the course. Please note our terms and conditions for training when cancelling a course. 

Course fee includes:

  • Course material (printed and bound)
  • Consumables used during the course
  • Refreshments during course (tea, coffee, cool drink, bottled water)
  • Light lunch (Please inform us of any special dietary requirements)


Starts at 09h00 until approximately 16h00 with lunch at 12h00

Training schedule/dates: 

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