Website use:

  • You may not buy from this site if you are under 18 years of age.
  • All images on the website may slighty differ from actual products as products may slightly change over time
  • All information provided on this website is used at your own risk
  • You may not use any website material other than for personal use. All material is copyright protected and belongs to the owner of the webiste: Distillique Beverages (Pty) Ltd

By using our website and online shop, you agree to the following conditions:

Delivery/collection method:

You may select to have an order shipped to you or to collect the order from our store.

  • If you select to have the order shipped to you, we will use "The Courier Guy" (, "Timefreight" ( or any other suitable courier service of Distillique's choice.
  • Parcels will only be delivered to physical adresses. No P.O.Box deliveries will be performed.
  • No parcels will be send without providing you with a tracking number.
  • If you select to collect the order from our premises, we will send you an email as soon as the parcel is ready for collection.


  • Distillique is responsible for the good condition of your order until we ship it with one of our delivery service providers.
  • If you like your order to be insured during delivery against breakages with the Courier Guy please advise us and we will quote you on the insurance.
  • Distillique will not be held liable for breakages caused by the delivery service provider.
  • However, regardless of whether you selected insurance or not with the delivery service providers, we will provide you with a tracking number to track your delivery.


Payment methods:

  • We do not require you to pay online with a credit card.You may select to pay by EFT or cash in store. Cash in store is only allowed when you collect the parcel from us. We have credit card facilities in our shop. If you have selected to have your order shipped to you, you may pay by EFT.
  • After completing your order, you will receive an email with our banking details for you to perform payment. Once we have received the payment, we will prepare the parcel for shipment.

Items out of stock:

If, for some reason, an item was shown as being available on the online shop, and it appears that there is no stock at the time of your order, we will notify you immediately. You then may select to:

  • Cancel the whole order or;
  • Cancel only the out-of-stock item

In the event of cancelling your order, or an item, you may further select to be refunded or to be provided with a credit note for later use on our online store. For refunds you will have to provide your banking details to us in order to perform the refund.

Refunds / product returns:

If you return your ordered products within 7 days to us, in the same condition as it was sent, we will refund you the item order value, less  delivery/transport and return insurance costs, after receipt of the product.

Training courses and cancellations:

Payment for training courses reserves your seat for a specific date and must be done at least 2 days before the actual course date. 

We will provide you with a 100% refund if you cancel your reservation 7 days before the training event. 

If you missed a training course we will unfortunately not be able to refund you as we already incurred all costs associated for your attendance. 

Communication during the processing of your order:

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a number of emails concerning the progress of you order until it is shipped. In some instances it may be required for you to respond to these emails in order to enbsure correct delivery. Non-responses may delay your shipment. Also, if get bounced emails from your email inbox, we would like to contact you via telephone. Please ensure that you enter your cellphone number correctly on the order.

Warranty claims:

If your equipment bought from Distillique is faulty due to bad workmanship or material, Distillique will either replace or repair your equipment, at Distillique's discression on a "delivered to and collection from our store" basis.

The following items are not guaranteed by Distillique and we may replace them solely on our discression:

1. Broken glass equipment

2. Heating elements 

3. Wooden barrels

4. Electronic equipment damaged by lightning or power surges

5. Any equipment that were damaged due to neglect, accident or misuse/abuse.