How to make your own distilling parrot

Published on 22-07-2013

How to make your own distilling parot.

A distilling parrot is used to read the %alcohol of you distillate continuously while distilling. The distillate flows into the parrot from the bottom, fills the 20mm pipe and overflows at the top of the 20mm pipe into the 54 to 20mm reducer and from their out again through the other 8mm pipe.

To build your own distilling parrot requires to following:

  • • A 20mm copper pipe (with an inner diameter to let the alcohol meter float without touching sides) of about 300mm (the full length of your alcohol meter)
  • • A 54mm to 20mm copper reducer
  • • Two lengths of 6mm copper tubing (or a diayer to suit the output of your still)
  • • One copper end-cap to plug the 20mm copper pipe at the bottom.
  • Solder the various items to each other using 97/3 plumber’s solder.

To connet the parrot to your still, consoder ta self supporting stand for the parrot, or having a "hanging" parrot.

Or, if you're realy handy, you could off-course be a bit more "extravagant" and make the following parrot. It is built to work on the same principles - just looks much nicer!