2017 Michelangelo spirit Award Entry Forms

Published on 05-06-2017

Entries have opened for the 2017 Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards, and our eyes are firmly fixed on the brand new Class 50, South Africa's first ever Craft Spirit Awards, proudly sponsored by Distillique and SACDI (the Southern African Craft Distillers Institute).

Class 50 will have 4 trophy's available -

  • Craft Gin,
  • Craft Vodka,
  • Craft Rum and
  • Most Innovative Craft Spirits.

All entrants in these classes will still be eligible for Michelangelo Silver, Gold and Double Gold and Platinum Medals, but only the winner in each section will walk away with this coveted trophy.

Entries are open as of 1 June, and samples should be submitted between 1 & 31 July. Entry fee is R970 per product.

An interesting but little known fact - non-commercial products (i.e. during product development) may also be entered, as long as you have a lab analysis certificate to accompany your entry. This provides a unique opportunity for future Craft Distillers – especially those that need to find outside investors.

Lab analysis can be obtained through Integral Labs:

1 Zandwyk Park

Sandringham Close



Tel: (+27) 21 863 1238

Cell: 081 836 0935

Contact Person: Shaun Salie, shaun@integrallabs.co.za

1 Bottle needs to be submitted to Integral Labs and 2 Bottles for judging – so if you have 3 bottles of product ready, you can enter !!!

NOTE: Product development entries do not need a final label or bottle - a sticker stating the manufacturers' name, product name, %ABV and key ingredients used will be sufficient.

Entry forms are available on the Michelangelo Awards website, as well as on the bottom of this page.


Definition of craft spirit:

  • A craft spirit is distilled by a craft spirit producer
  • A craft spirit uses only natural products to achieve the end-product’s sensory profile.

Definition of a craft spirit producer:

A craft spirit producer is a distillery who complies with all the following criteria:

  • Produces end-products containing no more than 100 000 liter absolute alcohol per annum for the distillery.
  • Distils more than 50% of its annual production of absolute alcohol, from self-fermented raw material, except in the case of gin production, where re-distillation from neutral spirits will be allowed.
  • Is majority- owned by natural persons.
  • A distiller with more than 25% equity in the distillery is in direct control of the fermentations, distilling and final blending/mixing.
  • No process integration computer-based control systems are utilised in the distillery.
  • All process steps in the production of the end-product (i.e. fermentation, distilling, blending/mixing, infusion, bottling and labelling) shall be performed on the same premises of the distillery.

For a complete breakdown of all regulations and the entry procedure, please see the Michelangelo Awards page: https://michelangelocapetown.wordpress.com/regulations/

Downloadable MS Word Forms:         
Entry checklist 2017
Brandy entry form 2017
Liqueur entry form 2017
Other spirits entry form 2017