Do you have spirits to showcase?

Published on 22-07-2013

Do you want us to showcase your spirits?

No matter how small your distillery is or even if you distil only for "own use" ,

If you produce good spirits, let us showcase it for you to receive the recognition you should!

A showcase publication example is included at he bottom pf this page.

Our newsletter readers are mostly from South Africa but we also have quite a number of spirit lovers and distillers in the US, Europe, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, Botswana...and interestingly enough, also from the middle-east!

What we would require from you to showcase your spirits:

  1. Two similar bottles of your spirits to showcase.These would be non-returnable and would be used to:
    1. We will photograph and edit the image for publication purposes
    2. One bottle will be opened and evaluated by our tasting panel
    3. One bottle will be left unopened and added to our craft spirit collection to be viewed at our premises.
  2. The spirits should be well packed and posted/delivered to:
    • Distillique
    • Unit 14E, Coachman's crescent,
    • (entry from 26 Jakaranda street),
    • Hennopspark, Centurion,
    • 0157,
    • South Africa.
  3. An email with the following information from you:
    1. A short description of the spirits
    2. a short description and photograph/image (not bigger than 300kB) of the distiller
    3. Contact details where to buy/acquire the spirits
    4. Your name, email adress and other contact details
  4. You could also provide us with a list (in CSV format) of names and email addresses that we may send the newseltter to - to expand the reach of showcasing your product.

Terms and conditions for us to showcase your spirits:

  • Only products from private distillers, home based distillers or small/micro commercial distillers (as defined by your manufacturing license) will be showcased.
  • You accept the findings of the Distillique spirit evaluation panel. If the panel evaluate the spirit as "bad or really bad" (yes that may happen... we think) an article will not be published and you will be notified accordingly.
  • The spirits provided to Distillique will be provided free of charge and will be non-returnable
  • The showcase article will be published on a date as determined by Distillique
  • Distillique owns the copyright of all published material.
  • You hold Distillique, its manegement, employees and agents free of harm or liabiity, for any actions resulting from the publication of the showcased spirit.

Example of a publication of a showcased product:


Featured Craft Spirit:
Jorgensen's Gin
A wacky blend of zesty Macedonian Juniper and peppery grains of Paradise from Wild West Africa.

Spicy juniper, wild harvested in the Tuscan hills, are the cornerstone of Jorgensen's Gin.  Earth notes come from angelica root, orris root, calamus root, rare african wild ginger, coriander, liquorice root and bitter apricot kernels.  Ethereal top notes come from delicate touches of naartjie and Cape lemon peels, buchu, Grains of Paradise, rose geranium and perfumed Ohandua from Kaokoveld.  No cucumber.

This exception-to-the-rule gin is hand crafted in tiny batches in a copper pot still.  The botanicals for each batch are suspended in the still above the purest wine spirit to bathe in its vapours.  This gentle bathing gives their gin delicacy and finesse appreciated by almost nobody as we only make small amounts for one-in-a-million individuals.
To get your own, visit:

Right click on image and download to view all images.
Right click and select "download images" to view image
..and the distiller behind the product:
Roger Jorgensen
Career farmer, winemaker and Savingnac Potstill Brandy creator, Roger Jorgensen, turned his hand to distillation in 1994.

More than a decade of experience and valuable time with Cognac mentors Robert Leaute of Remy Martin and Buks Venter of KWV lead to ever increasing specialisation in the art of transforming wild young wines into perfect amber Savingnac. Roger soon realised that this is where his passion and interest lies and now concentrates only on the distillation of his finely handcrafted spirits, which include Jorgensen’s Distillery’s well established Savingnac Potstill Brandy, the Primitiv Vodka, Field of Dreams Absinthe and the very special Jorgensen’s Gin.