Pot still sizes and capacities
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Pot stil sizes and capacities.

Each copper still from Distillique is handcrafted and varies slighty in size, appearance and dimensions.

The following should be kept in mind when selecting a copper pot still from us:

1. The design size, is the volume (in liters) that the copper pot still was designed to be able to hold. This is the 100% capacity as indicated on the diagram below. It is this design size we get from manufacturers that is stamped on the serial number plates of the stills.

2. The actual size is the actual amount of mash that a specific pot will be able to hold and is measured by filling a pot to the brim at the same level as the 100% capacity line. Due to the variances caused by each pot being handcrafted, this actual size may vary between -10% and +10% of the design size for any specific pot.

3. The useful size is dependent on the specfic mash being used and the boiling rate.

For general use, we recommend not to fill the pot more than 85% of its actual size.(as per the diagram), BUT:

1. It may be filled to the brim if very "liquidy" (i.e sugar) washes are distilled at very slowboiling rates and when anti-foaming agents are used. As the distillate flows from the still, the level of wash in the pot will drop and the heat can slowly be increased. After distillate to the volume of about 15% of the mash has been collected, the heat can be increased to a normal boil as the level would have dropped sufficiently to prevent any choking of the still.


2. it might be neccessary to fill to only 70% if heavy foaming mashes are distilled at higher boiling rates when no anti-foaming agents are used.

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