A and B numbers on spirit and wine bottles in South Africa

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Each bottle of spirits or wine sold in South Africa should have an "A-number" or a "B-number" printed on it

Legal Bottle sizes for spirits

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Nowhere in the Liquor Act or the Liquor Products act are any references as to bottle volume specifications for spirits.

Some of our commercial customers

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Some of our commercial customers

Ginning basket to high? - Lower it!

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It is quite often required to lower the ginning head when using multiple plate columns. On 6 inch and 8 inch columns with, for example 8 plates, even some ladders are too short to quickly refill the ginning head.


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During every Whisky Course we like to mention to trainees the possible uses of the grain solids after Gelatinazation and Conversion.

"Wrong readings" on Brix refractometers and hydrometers

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Greg from the Zululand Distilling Company contacted us with a question relating to the different readings obtained when using a refractometer and when using a floating hydrometer in the same liquid. These readings can be quite far apart and we should be aware of that and the reasons behind it.
Recently I came across an interesting metaphor attributed to a Master Distiller: “Barrels are like naughty children. None of them behave as you’d like them to and although you love them all, there will always be a few which will be your favourites.”


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The definition of Spirit Tourism (in this case) refers to the visit of Spirit-related attractions which can be museums, distilleries or spirit events.
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